10 creative ways to battle writer’s block

Writer’s block can be a vexing problem for bloggers, particularly those who post at a regular clip. Since creativity comes in waves that include days of experiencing 17 marvelous ideas followed by days or weeks of nothing, writer’s block can feel like a haunting problem.

If you are in the midst of writer’s block try one, some, or all of the following ideas to help you get back to the keyboard!

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1) Research Trending Topics
Sometimes it isn’t the writing that is slow to come, it is the topic idea. Thinking about your niche style (food writer, fashionista, parenting blogger etc.) try to look to the news and see what is trending. What can YOU add to the general discourse of current events in your blog genre?

2) Recycle Old Posts
If you are lacking in time or inspiration, but you don’t want to lose your reader engagement you can recycle an older and popular blog post from your archives! When choosing which post to republish think about relevance (season, events, timing) and aim to spruce up the post with a new and brief intro telling your readers why you are dusting off an old favorite.

3) Host A Guest Post
Guest posts are a great way to boost your page views, especially if you choose a writer who has a strong readership and who agrees to share your link. Think of this a Two-For because you have two different audiences wanting to read this post and you will likely see new fans coming back for more! Hosting a guest post also solves the problem of finding fresh material to post when you’re tapped out of good ideas.

4) Enlist A Prompt Generator
So, you’ve looked into trending topics but nothing really moved you. What to do now? Try Googling “writing prompts” and see what you find. Another great – and surprising – source for prompt generators is Pinterest. Many seasoned bloggers have Pinterest accounts to drive traffic to their work. And many of these Pinterest accounts have public boards filled with writing prompts.

5) Just Write
The best way to battle writer’s block is to simply write. Even if what you are writing is absolute rubbish, the daily discipline of writing will encourage more creativity and you will find that the experience of writer’s block is less frequent. Check out what Elizabeth Gilbert has to say about this during her 2009 TED Talk titled Your Elusive Creative Genius.

6) Write A Response Post
Some of the best works in the blog world come from writers who are fired up after a controversy. What have you seen on TV, read online, witnessed in person, or experienced that left a fire your belly?

7) Read
Read. Read. Read. Read the newspaper, novels, online blogs, magazines, anything you can! The more you read by authors you genuinely enjoy then the better your work will be and the more inspired you will be to write.

8) Try On A New Style
If you tend to write in the same style such as lists or personal long form essay for example, try switching things up. The beauty of blogging is that you are not forced to adhere to a formal writing style. You can draft a set of instructions, write a funny dialog, take a series of pictures with short descriptions, and so much more.

9) Invite Your Readers To Decide
Do you have a loyal readership of at least one person? Ask that person to respond to a call to action! One exciting way to break a writer’s block is to try asking a poll question, or inviting anecdotal stories on a specific topic. That way you can open a dialog with your readers and new topics will emerge for you to write about.

10) Join A Writer’s Group
The largest hub of writer’s on the Internet is housed in Facebook groups. If you have a Facebook account start searching around for writers’ groups where you can brainstorm ideas, workshop pieces you are working on, and develop relationships with other writers. If you are not sure where to start then try asking bloggers you know which Facebook writing groups they enjoy.

If you are new to blogging and you’ve hit your first wall of writer’s block, do not give up! Try these suggestions and see what works. If writer’s block is not new to you then tell us what successful tricks you use to reengage your creativity!


Sarah Cottrell

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