How to find the most commonly used search term for your blog

How to find the most commonly used search term for your blog

Even if you have a niche topic that you exclusively blog about, there will always be a post that doesn’t resonate with your readers. Of the many different strategies that you can use to help figure out exactly what kind of content your readers want to see, we’re going to show you one of the coolest and simplest today: finding your most commonly used search term for your blog.

What is a search term and why does that matter?

A search term is a word or phrase that a user types into a search engine such as Google or Bing. When the user clicks on your link that appears in the generated list on the search engine, WordPress records the original search term used to get the user from point A (the search engine) to point B (your blog).

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Why should I care?

If you find a search term that is frequently used to get readers to your blog then you know that you have an audience actively looking for specific content. This information is blogging gold.

What should I do with a frequently used search term?

Not only will a frequently used search term give you an idea of what your readers are looking for, it also helps you brainstorm new posts around the same idea as the search term. You can then use the term as a tag in your post, which will cue search engines to put more of your content in front of readers the next time they use the same terms in Google or any other search engine.

Ok, so how do I find the most commonly used search terms on my blog?

Scroll down to STATS –>
Click on VIEW ALL –>
Click on SUMMARY –>
Click on ALL TIME

It is as simple as that!


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