How to add video content to your blog

How to add video to your blog post

Adding video content to your blog is a simple way to make your blog posts dynamic and shareable for readers. Did you know that one minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words? Imagine what you can share with your audience by incorporating video content.

In this post, we won’t get into how to make a video, but rather we will focus on how to use YouTube to curate video content that will resonate with your audience.

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Step one: Curate

To curate content means to have a specific idea of what you want to include and then seek that out while ignoring the rest. A few questions to consider when curating video content for your blog might include:

  1. What does this video have to do with my blog post?
  2. Does this video follow the community standards I agreed to?
  3. How long is this video? <— videos under 5 minutes tend to do very well
  4. Would my audience share this?

Step two: Embed

To embed a video from YouTube you simply copy the embed code from the YouTube video and paste it into the text page of your blog post. Here is what I mean:

This video was originally featured on YouTube by David Murray. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Step three: Give credit

Since we always want to aim for better blogging practices it makes sense that as bloggers curating video content from YouTube that we give proper credit. To do this simply type “This video was originally featured on YouTube by ______. You can subscribe to his/her YouTube channel here.” Make sure you include this directly under the video and hyperlink the YouTube channel address so that your audience can go and check them out.

Video is a fantastic way to boost your blog posts visibility because video is so shareable. Also, you can have a lot of fun finding great content to post around your writing.

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