Six ways to get your blog ready for 2017

Greetings from snowy Bangor, Maine! I hope this new wintery weather is treating you well, fingers crossed we keep it for the holidays!

Speaking of the holidays, they come fast and before you know it, it will be 2017. Is your blog ready? This week we have a few tips to help get you excited and ready for a new year of great blogging.

Banner upgrade

Look at your blog’s banner and ask yourself if it looks outdated, does it represent your tone and topical content, or do you just plain want a facelift for your blog? You can use Canva to create great banners with ease.

About page update

After a year has passed it is wise to go through your About page and make sure that you update any information that you want your readers to know about you and your blog. Did you win any awards? Did you publish any content in print or digital outside of your blog? Did you change in some major way that affects the future of your blog? If so, list all of that!

How does your blog look on a tablet or mobile?

This is SO important because most of your traffic is coming from tablets and smartphones these days. Check out what your blog looks like and jot down and notes that comes to mind on changes you would like to make. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

What were your most popular posts of 2016?

Look at trends in your content, what posts did your readers respond to? Makes some notes about the kinds of posts they liked, were they DIY, funny, emotional, informational? Brainstorm post ideas based on those popular posts.

Do you have the right social media platforms to support your blog?

The number one social media mistake bloggers make is trying to be in too many places at once. Look at your social media and ask yourself, which platform is driving you the most traffic and consider cutting your other platforms in favor of pouring more energy into one quality platform.

And finally:

Here is a GREAT series of YouTube videos that will teach you the ins and outs of WordPress SEO for 2017.