Why you should post to your blog once a week or more

As the Audience Manager at the BDN, I read a lot of blog pitch ideas from the general public. Most of them are great ideas and I get excited to write that coveted acceptance email, but then I see that the applicant entered “not sure, let’s talk” under the heading that asks if he or she is comfortable posting to their potential blog at least once a week. And that’s when I hesitate.

Why is it so important to publish once a week? Well, for a few reasons, actually.

  1. You cannot build up a loyal readership if you are not giving them something to read on a regular basis.
  2. By posting once a week (or more) you develop a voice, strong writing skills, and if you’re a savvy blogger then you are getting experience with self-promoting your posts on social media.
  3. You cannot take full advantage of the BDN blog coaching if there is nothing to coach.
  4. It’s a smart move for SEO.
  5. You can become the expert voice in your topic area.

I hear people say that anyone can blog, and that is true, but it takes time, practice, and skill to do it well. By posting once a week or more you will have a decent chance at honing those hard won skills.