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Use these 100 power words to boost reader interest

Use these 100 power words to boost reader interest

Power words are words that most effectively convey an action or an emotion in order to drum up strong emotional responses. Masterful writers know that when they inject passionate words into prose, blog posts, articles, etc., that they are able to craft a predictable response from readers.

5 Questions to help reignite your blog passion for 2016

Remember when you started blogging and it was easy to generate 600 ideas for interesting blog posts? But then after some time passes and you’ve written dozens of posts, you can’t quite find the same spark of passion that you once had for your particular genre. How do you get back to a place of being excited to blog?

How to deal with Internet Trolls

We spend a great deal of time on Maine on the Blogs talking about how to attract readers and boost page views. But what do you do when you attract the wrong reader who posts nasty comments that appear to have the sole purpose of sucker punching you with hurtful or hateful insults? This week we […]

How to write an awesome About Page: All about YOU (part one)

What is the measure of success for a blog? The answer is traffic. A successful blog will have a loyal readership that regularly visits the site whenever a new post is published. One effective way to help build a successful blog is to create an interesting About Page that can tell the readers and potential […]

Tips for getting your BDN blog post on the home page

With more than 140 blogs (and growing) at The Bangor Daily News, we get a lot of questions about what makes a successful post. The most popular question we get asked is how to get a post to appear on the home page. Today we’ll give you four crucial tips to consider if you would like […]

5 smart strategies for writing effective blog titles

An effective blog title invites readership engagement. While it may be tempting to write poetic or stylized titles, the best way to convince a reader to click on your link and perhaps even share it is to appeal to their curiosity in these 5 different ways. 1) Numbered Lists Numbered lists are highly effective because […]