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Ten tips for bloggers from the BDN Digital Desk

The Bangor Daily News has a fantastic team on the Digital Desk who act as our air traffic controllers. Every story that gets written by staff writers and reporters and the BDN blog network bloggers gets funneled through a system and lands on the Digital Desk where they work to sift through stories and promote […]

7 tips to boost the quality of your posts and get your blog promoted

10 Different writing styles for blog posts that will engage readers

Do you want to attract a loyal audience and get promoted more often? Start following these 7 guidelines today.

Tips for getting your BDN blog post on the home page

With more than 140 blogs (and growing) at The Bangor Daily News, we get a lot of questions about what makes a successful post. The most popular question we get asked is how to get a post to appear on the home page. Today we’ll give you four crucial tips to consider if you would like […]