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Get more readers on your blog using a funny tool called Yoast SEO

This week on Maine on the Blogs, we are going to take a closer look at what Yoast is and how to use it. Lucky for you, we got to test drive Yoast and are here to walk you through how to get started with this versatile plugin.

5 things to consider before starting your blog

5 Things to consider before you start a blog

This week on Maine on the Blogs, we are going to talk about a few things you should consider before you start your first blog – or before you revamp your old one. Blogging successfully (however you define success) requires you to be at least a little bit organized, have strategies for dealing with commons pitfalls of blogging, and the ability to be flexible.

Two strategic ways to conduct a successful interview for your blog

Two strategic ways to conduct a successful interview for your blog

Have you ever read an intriguing interview and thought, “I want to try conducting an interview for my blog!” Well then you’re in luck because this week on Maine on the Blogs we are talking about the art of the interview!

A blogger’s quick guide to getting started with Pinterest

Each week on Maine on the Blogs we talk about different strategies to get bloggers to produce high quality material and to get that work promoted in the best possible way. This week we are focusing on Pinterest!

How to run a giveaway to increase traffic to your blog

Run A Giveaway Like A Pro! One powerful strategy to boost page views, increase email subscribers, and drive traffic to the like button on your blog’s Facebook Page is to host a giveaway. People love to win stuff! With the right planning and with clear goals in mind, you can host a successful giveaway. This […]

How to deal with Internet Trolls

We spend a great deal of time on Maine on the Blogs talking about how to attract readers and boost page views. But what do you do when you attract the wrong reader who posts nasty comments that appear to have the sole purpose of sucker punching you with hurtful or hateful insults? This week we […]

7 tips to boost the quality of your posts and get your blog promoted

10 Different writing styles for blog posts that will engage readers

Do you want to attract a loyal audience and get promoted more often? Start following these 7 guidelines today.

How to use your Facebook Page to drive traffic to your blog

How to use a Facebook Page to promote your blog

Last week we walked through a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Facebook Page for a blog. The reason why a blog owner would want a Facebook Page is that Facebook is the best social media platform for drawing attention from far and wide to a specific person, event, or brand. Not only that, […]

How to create a Facebook Page for your BDN blog

By now you’ve heard of Facebook Pages and have probably heard folks talking about their “insights”, “stats”, and “reach”. Creating a Facebook Page for your Bangor Daily News (BDN) blog is a marvelous way to increase your readership because you are exposing your blog posts to a potentially larger pool of content consumers. Not only […]

How to write an awesome About Page: Creating consistency across the web (part two)

Last week we talked about how to structure an About Page that can highlight your accomplishments. This week we’ll talk about the ways that your About Page can act like a resume and how to use the same information in your About Page across your social media platforms. RESUME An effective About Page will tell […]